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NationBuilder Developers on NationBuilder Live!

Last week three our developers were interviewed on NationBuilder Live by Kathy Jacobs, a member of our organizing team.

Check out the video to hear how Dan Walmsley, Jacob Green and Ray Pereda manage to stream up to three updates a day onto the ever-growing NationBuilder platform, and also a discussion of our favourite comedy routines...

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Blistering Rails Performance, Part 2: Garbage Collection

This is the second in our series of Rails Performance blog posts, focusing on the Ruby garbage collector. In case you're wondering if this one results in better performance, I present Exhibit A: Our average response time over the last month:


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Blistering Rails Performance, Part 1: Boot Performance

Welcome to the first in a series of NationBuilder Rails Performance blog posts. Ruby on Rails is a fantastic way to build applications, but as those applications grow certain performance anti-patterns can appear, and at NationBuilder we've seen many of them. 

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Wrangling with Rails

I found my first Rails bug today. In fact, I found it twice.  Let me explain...

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Phasing out Internet Explorer 6/7

At NationBuilder, one of our driving principles is to bring the cutting-edge of web technology to the political world. While many of the up and coming political stars have embraced all the internet has to offer, some people are in need of a bit of a push.  One small but recent example of our commitment to encourage our customers to improve their toolset is our decision to phase out support for Internet Explorer 6 and 7.  As you can on their new "IE countdown" website, even Microsoft is trying to rid the world of their creation.

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